Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Forward Pass - a football drabble

Since it has been awhile since I wrote one of these, let me quickly explain what is a drabble. It is simply a complete story or thought expressed in exactly 100 words - no more, no less. I am going back to occasionally writing and sharing these, so I hope you enjoy.  Here is one on a simple football play.


The ball was smartly placed in the quarterback’s hands. Three quick steps back later, an even quicker throw made the pigskin spin. The laces were blurred because of the speed of the rotation.  Straight as an arrow, the tight spiraling ball met the end of the path quickly.  Another man placed his hands up to stop the flight and bring it crashing down.  But instead of a violent ending, the object in question was cradled and loved like an infant.  Protecting his new child, the man took off in the same direction, hoping to take this newborn all the way. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not getting caught up in the hype

Just a passing thought for today:

It is the opening Sunday for the new professional football season. No matter what type of media you read, that is the big talk - the new season, each team's chances, the excitement, and so on.  If one believes all this hype, one would think the country would be shut down for a few hours today because the National Football League season is in full swing today.

I am not one of them.  There is an outing planned for today with my wife, then I plan on playing nine holes of golf when we are back.  Then, if the US Open men's final is still going on, that will be my sports viewing of the day.  Maybe some baseball highlights, especially to see how my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, did as they are in the middle of the playoff race right now.

Notice not one mention of the NFL there.  So, does that make me strange?  Different?  Maybe I need to see a shrink because I just don't understand why the start of the football season is so important?  Don't get me wrong - I love the sport and will be one of those viewers soon enough.  But between golf, the best baseball of the year and life in general, the NFL never is that important for me in September and even October.  Am I the only sports fan who feels this way?