Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Day at the Ballpark

It's been too long since writing anything. I offer no excuses - I just haven't done it.  But this afternoon I got inspired.  It was all because of a baseball game I attended.  Today I took the train to Flushing, New York to see one of the two teams I follow closely, the New York Mets.

This isn't uncommon for me on summer Sunday afternoons and riding down to the stadium, I didn't anticipate just how much today's game would inspire me to make a post here and want to tell the world just how great this game is.

Every aspect of the sport had something special in today's game. First and foremost, the Mets made a stirring comeback from being down 8-3 and won 10-8.  That is usually enough to make a game special by itself.  But there was EVERYTHING in this one.

If you're one who digs the long ball...had those aplenty as the Braves had one home run and the Mets hit four, including back-to-back shots in the fourth inning and a three run homer in the sixth to give the Mets the lead. Adding to my joy was the small detail that it was hit by my favorite player on the current Mets team, Juan Lagares.

If pitching is more your thing, despite the score, the Mets relievers did an outstanding job, allowing the Braves only one additional hit after they scored their eight runs in four innings.  There was a sparkling defensive gem when second baseman Dilson Herrera dove to trap a ground ball with his glove, the flip the ball with that glove to shortstop Wilmer Florres for the last out of the eighth inning.  In a nutshell, this game had everything.

So why did all this inspire me to write today instead of any other game doing the same thing?  It was simply that this game is a reflection of all of us.  It humbles you at times. It is spectacularly good at times.  You can be lifted up from the doldrums because of one hit, one strikeout, one catch...just about anything.  In short, when you see or play in a game like the one at Citi Field today, you realize how much of a reflection baseball is on your own life's ups and downs, with no time clock or any preordained outcome.

Baseball IS the greatest sport in the world.  I felt blessed to be able to experience that today and in turn, it inspired me to share this with you.