Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poem - The Off Season

Even though  there are plenty  of  other sports to enjoy, baseball always will be my favorite. So here is a poem on a pitcher dealing with the off season.

The Off Season

Snow is on the ground
Blanketing the pitcher's mound
Leaving one to imagine
Where the rubber must go

Oh, to toe that slab
Looking for the sign
Place my hands to the set
And grip the ball just right

My arm will cock back
One foot will slide up
As that batter will see
That fastball I throw

This thrill that I need
Will just have to wait
Through a long cold winter
That can't end soon enough.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Poem -Why Watch the Games?

As I watched football games today involving teams with losing records I started asking myself why I was doing this.  To answer this, I came up with the freestyle poem.

Why Watch the Games?

It doesn't matter which game
Which teams or which players
If it's a sporting event, it's show time
With an ending you do not know
Sure it's entertainment
And you might see the team a lot
But each day, each game is new
And you never know how it will end.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Grey Cup Drabble

After a hiatus from writing, I am coming back and will be posting poems, drabbles or essays on whatever is on my mind.   I will TRY to do a post at least every other day, and Decemeber is just as good a time to start.  Today, my sports mind is on the Grey Cup, the championship trophy of the Canadian Football League.  I watched the 2014 game last night, a thrilling win by the Calgary Stampeders over the Hamilton Tiger Cats, and wrote a drabble about comparing the Canadian and American games.  For those who have not read my earlier posts, a drabble is an essay of exactly 100 words that tells a complete story or thought.  Here is my Grey Cup drabble.

Grey Cup Drabble

Football is football, no matter where it is played.  So there are three downs instead of four and ten extra yards to run – who cares?  As a fan, I love to watch the game.  There is a championship that captures a nation’s fancy.  The Grey Cup is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl.  Watching the fans cheer loudly for the players, the teams, the trophy – it is a wonderful sight.  Whether the green and gold jerseys are for the Green Bay Packers or the Edmonton Eskimos, those colors represent champions.  Grey Cup or Super Bowl – they are champions.