Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Outdoor Hockey Haiku

As the NHL Stadium Series winds down, I wrote a quick haiku on the outdoor hockey games that have been played - with the exception of the one at Dodger Stadium as they did not experience this type of weather.  I hope you enjoy this short little poem.

Outdoor Hockey

Windy, cold and snow
Ice is shiny and solid
Pucks fly into nets

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pairs figure skating drabble

Continuing with the Olympics theme, today's excercise is a drabble on pairs figure skating and what the audience would see when one of the more common routines is performed. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Skating Elegance

This couple has it all. Look at how they complement each other in every way, with every move. They glide together on one skate in tandem. He lifts her effortlessly. When he tosses her, it would be expected to hear a gasp from spectators. But not for these two – instead she turns two complete spins in the air, plants her right skate deeply into the ice and gracefully moves in a circle. He rushes to her side, holds her at the waist and guides her to the rink’s center. They move gracefully as the crowd awaits the next majestic routine.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Olympics haiku

The Olympics

Nations gather here
Every four years at the site
Celebrating sport

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thoughts on rediscovering something you love

Instead of a drabble, poem or story today, I wanted to just share a thought I had about rediscovery last night.

I have watched very little professional basketball this year, something that is strange for me as I have been a fan for a very long time and it was the sport in which I played the longest in my younger days.  This season, I just could not get interested as both of the teams here in the New York metro area had very bad starts to this season, and I have only got to see my favorite team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, once this year.

Last night, I decided to turn on the Brooklyn Nets as they have played very well since the start of the new year.  They faced the Dallas Mavericks and it turned out to be a very good game with the Nets winning 107-106.   It was the first game that I watched start to finish this season.   I felt like I was rediscovering basketball.  Even though I could never say I "hated" it, I just didn't have the interest.  Now, it feels like an awakening.   I now wish I hadn't stayed away for so long.  I felt like I missed a lot.

But that was in the past.  Like someone who has fallen out of love, then back in love, the future is what is important.  Don't be beaten by what wasn't, instead look forward to what will be.  I am looking forward to seeing more games, hopefully many wins by both the Nets and the Timberwolves, and enjoying the rest of the NBA season.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Curling drabble - Papa Was a Sliding Stone

Soon the Winter Olympics will be upon us. That means my once-every-four-years addiction to curling will soon be here. To get ready for it, I wrote today's drabble on curling. Specifically, the adventure of that stone gliding down the ice.

Papa Was a Sliding Stone

As I glide down the immaculate sheet of ice, I am wondering what will become of me. Will I settle into the kitchen? Will I be a shield, always a fun job? Will I just be out of place and removed for the game? Oh, the agony of waiting. But I have confidence in the skip. She will set me free at the right time and speed. Her sweepers are awesome, clearing a path for me in rapid rhythm. As they move away, the end of the journey is here. BAM! I knock another stone out! Take that, stupid rock!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boxing drabble - Taking a Punch

It's nice when a quick thought pops in my head and I can create a short story or essay about it right away. I was thinking about those images while watching a boxing match when a punch is thrown. We viewers get to see some amazing sights, and those were on my mind when I wrote this drabble about a punch in a match.

Taking a Punch 

It was as devastating as it appeared. As soon as the leather of the glove made contact with the boxer’s jaw, many objects took flight. Beads of sweat, hairs off his head, even his mouth guard moved in an upward flight when the sharp uppercut punch found its target. The victim’s resolve was evident in his face. His eyes, already partially shut by earlier punches, reversed their closure. His legs grew wobbly, but amazingly he stayed on his feet. This was simply another punch. He has taken thousands of them through the years. What’s one more? This one won’t hurt.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hat Trick Drabble

Today's drabble is about a fan who has seen a hat trick at a hockey game, but has a crisis. What is that crisis? Why, read the story and find out! (You didn't think I would give the whole thing away did you?) Enjoy!

The Hat Trick 

I have been wearing this cap at every game for the last four seasons. In all that time, I never had to make this decision, as I always brought another lid just in case. I always used that spare if the situation arose. But I forgot it tonight and now am troubled. Smith put the puck in the net for the third time tonight. Of course that means I toss a hat on the ice. In my rush, I didn’t bring another one. So what do I do? Hat tricks are rare – so naturally I tossed it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Short essay of an item at a ball park

This is a common site at baseball games everywhere. No matter the level of play or the size of the park, everyone who has been to a baseball game has seen a similar sight. In order to understand what I mean, read this short essay I wrote about an ordinary occurrence at the park. 

A Ballpark Journey 

Quietly a flight takes off. The object was propelled by the wind, unsuspecting to both it and the people in the vicinity. No warnings were issued. A simple gust was all that it took to launch it from its anticipated resting place and into uncharted territory. 

Because this item has no engine or any other means of propulsion, it is left to the mercy of the winds. Those were enough on this day, however, to carry it to great heights. After leaving the stunned crowd, it leaped high in the air – high enough to sail over any object in its path to the lush green grassy field. 

There it joined many other items of similar backgrounds. Some of them took different paths to this final destination. Some came from the east side, some from the west. Some of them were twisted and swirled in many different directions before eventually coming to rest in this soft landing spot. 

This particular hot dog wrapper, however, gently floated to the grass just behind the pitcher’s mound. It was a moment of pure bliss before someone picked it up and sent it to the final resting place. That journey would not be as peaceful and simple as this one.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Speed Skating Drabble

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, it's time to get into the spirit of the Games.  To do so, I wrote tonight's drabble on one of the sports of the Winter Olympics, speed skating.  There will be more selections on Olympic sports as the Games get closer.  Enjoy this first Olympics drabble.

A Speed Skating Story

The ice is smooth and the lanes are marked.  Standing on the toe of my skate, I am dashing with short choppy movements as soon as the horn sounds.  Gliding along the sheet of ice, I cross my legs to change lanes.  The ease of these movements makes me feel so free.  As I approach the starting point and change lanes again, I realize that my strides are now long, graceful and infrequent.  The finish line is approaching and I have never felt more relaxed than I do right now.  My world is here in the rink. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Basketball shot drabble

For my next drabble, I decided to write about a shot in basketball from the ball's point of view.  I must say that I am finding drabbles a great way to write something every day.   It isn't easy to tell a story in exactly one hundred words - but I sure enjoy creating them.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

The Journey of a Basketball Shot

I was scared.  I left the warmth of a man’s hands and now am wayward.  He jumped before letting me go.  The last touch I felt from him was his fingertips.  He let them glide over me until I was free.  I noticed that I was higher than ever before.  But then I started a downward spiral.  I was spinning faster, destined to crash into an orange object.  There was an opening!  I hoped that I would pass through it.   While I did, I also felt a brush of nylon.  Success!  A good shot!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Drabble about a penalty kick

Another day, another drabble - the best way to try to meet the goal of writing something every day.  Today's selection is told from the goalkeeper's point of view and the subject is the soccer penalty kick.   

Keeper’s Dilemma

It taunts me. The ball resting on the penalty mark is torturing me.  I must decide which way this evil object will fly so I can keep it out of the goal. High or low?  Left or right?  The pressure is killing me!   Here it comes – struck by the right foot of the faker who drew that stupid foul call.   No more time to think – I must move. I will dive low and to the left. Alas, I was wrong. That bloody sphere hit the net in the upper right corner. Another penalty kick that sailed past me. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hockey Drabble about a goal

Realizing I had not written anything here for awhile, I am getting back on the wagon. After watching my favorite hockey team score four goals last night, decided to make my next drabble about a goal. Enjoy.

He Shoots, He Scores!

The defenseman was perfectly positioned just inside the blue line. He caught the gliding puck deftly with the curve of his stick. Turning to face the goal, target in sight, the blade rose swiftly above his head. It came back down with blinding speed, striking the black disk with immense force. Momentum shifted hard from stick to puck, sending the biscuit flying rapidly only inches above the ice. It screamed past one opponent, one teammate and finally the goaltender, not slowing down until that puck struck white twine. It’s a goal! The celebration can now begin.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Home Run drabble

In honor of Frank Thomas being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, I decided to write a drabble about something that he did 521 times during his career - hit a home run.   Here is my latest baseball drabble.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. 

The Home Run

I knew that it had a chance as soon as contact was made. The ball looked huge. My bat moved just right.  The crack – oh, that crack is such a lovely sound – was crisp and sweet. The trajectory was high, straight and majestic. The pitcher immediately turned his head around.  The catcher just stood.  The center fielder did not move a muscle.  Everyone in the park knew what this meant. The ball sailed over the wall. I started my jog, accepting congratulations from my coaches.  I touched home plate, said a brief prayer, and took my seat.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fumble Redemption - a football drabble

For my first entry of 2014, I decided to write a drabble inspired by one of the most incredible football games I have watched.  During the Indianapolis Colts' huge comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck recovered a fumble for a touchdown.  I decided to write a drabble about that play.   I hope you enjoy "Fumble Redemption" and feel free to leave a comment.  Happy New Year!

Fumble Redemption

It was a horrible game for the quarterback.  Passes were dropped, snaps were missed and the team was losing badly.   Just when it seemed that it couldn’t get worse, it did.  A poor exchange with the fullback resulted in a fumble.  The ball was like an infant, waiting for anyone to pick it up. 

That was the moment when everything changed.  Instead of wallowing in pity, the quarterback’s instincts took over.  He scooped it up, lunged two steps forward, and dove forward like a stunt man. This dive was into the end zone!  Touchdown!  He now felt redeemed.