Monday, December 16, 2013

The Stolen Base - baseball drabble

The next baseball drabble is about a runner attempting a stolen base. Enjoy and feel free to critque as well.

 The Stolen Base 

Since the manager says I have my own green light, I am indecisive. Do I run on the pitch or do I hold back? This pitcher is lazy. He isn’t even looking over toward first. He doesn’t know I am taking a big lead. He doesn’t know I have second base already stolen. Fool! I see his foot slide toward home plate. That’s my cue! I take off like a shot, churning toward the shortstop. He isn’t looking either. He is watching the ball arrive. It’s much too late. I slide, dust off and think “Mission Accomplished.”

Sunday, December 15, 2013

First drabble - The Intentional Walk

This is my first attempt at writing a drabble - a short story of exactly 100 words.   I got the idea from a Facebook group of short story authors and they encouraged me to just write something.   I did that by just starting to write about one at bat that ends up as an intentional walk.  It was so close to 100 words that I decided to rework it slightly and the final result was this story.  I hope you enjoy it and any comments, good or bad, are welcome.   

The Intentional Walk

Approaching the batter’s box, I felt a surge of confidence.   We had two on, no outs, trailing by one.  It was my time to be a hero.  We were going to win because of me.   I stepped in, did my three half swings and waited for the pitch.   I saw the catcher stand and move two steps away.   WHAT?  The pitch was a half speed lob and caught easily.   CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?  The scene was repeated three more times. Dejected, I tossed my bat and trudged to first base.  My best shot was now lost forever.     

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Poem: "What's the Fuss?"

The finish of the Alabama-Auburn game left me, as well as every other college football fan who saw it, in a state of shock.  I was going crazy, talking to the TV, yelling - and I didn't have a rooting interest in either team.  If this took place just a couple years ago, when my interest in college football was at its all time low - I probably would have recited this poem.   It is one I wrote at the start of the season a couple years ago, when I had little interest in the game.   Reading it now, it is amazing how much my attitude toward the game has changed in just two years.  For those who are not fans - maybe you can relate.  No matter what your level of interest may be, I hope you enjoy this poem.

What’s the Fuss?

On many school campuses
All across the land,
Saturdays are far from quiet
For you can hear the marching band

Playing the fight song
For young men in pads
Performing a sport for the masses
Who are cheering these lads.

Soon they are in battle mode
Even if it is just a game
For they are the warriors,
Don’t ever call them tame.

They run on green grass
Marked with white stripes
Just to reach the other end,
And it appeals to all types.

When this run is achieved,
The masses yell “Touchdown!”
Yet the man was not touched,
And he certainly didn’t fall down.

So why all the noise,
Why does everyone go crazy?
Heck, on my Saturday
I would rather relax and play lazy.